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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology

Aims and Scope

American Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and nanotechnology (AJPSN) is an open assess peer reviewed journal from Columbia International Publishing (CIP), USA. AJPSN publishes significant original research articles, need of the hour extensive reviews, and rapid publications in Drug design, Drug delivery, Animal and Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice, Drug Development, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Chiral molecules, Pharmacogenomics, Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical, Cellular Biology and Molecular modelling, Bio pharmaceutics, Biostatistics, Scientific educational and teaching innovations, Pharmaceutical management, Quality Control and Assurance, Technical Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Marine Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical product development and a special emphasis on Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology. This gives a unique opportunity for the veterans as well as newcomers in these respective fields to explore the latest ‘state of art’ technologies and share their knowledge for the benefit of the scientific community.

Keeping the above scope, ‘American Journal of Pharmaceutical sciences and nanotechnology’ (AJPSN) aims to build a common platform to learn and share the latest developments and challenges in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and giving a special focus on pharmaceutical nanotechnology, their social impact and policies that have been or should be developed to address them and discernment among academicians, entrepreneurs, policy makers, research scholars etc.


We are working closely with many major databases to get the journal indexed and will gradually publish more index information of the journal.

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